When buying a home from Board of Trade, we can offer a full range of services - including delivery and set up.
We DO NOT allow other moving companies to transport homes from our lot. 
R & D Modular and Mobile Construction, Inc. 
is the only company permitted to deliver and set homes from Board of Trade.


Set up & Delivery Cost 


We can not give an excact cost with out doing a site inspection, but we can give a rough estimate to move and set up your home. This is only to be used as a guide, below are estimated prices for delivery and setup of a mobile home. Setup cost will vary depending on site location. If a site inspection has not been done at your property, any quotes given by a sales person is only a rough estimate and will not be honored. Any quotes from a sales person should not be used to decide if the purchase of a home can be made before a site check is done. 

If requested we can do a site inspection prior to the purchase of a home to ensure that the customer has enough funds to cover the cost of purchasing, moving and setting up the home. If the site is outside of the county we may request a site check fee, but if the home is purchased and setup the site check fee would be taken off the set up cost once home was delivered. 



Singlewides: $2,500.00 and up - standard set up which includes transporting the home to the site, block setting and anchoring only.


Doublewides: $4,500.00 and up - standard set up which includes transporting the home to the site, block setting and anchoring the home only. This price does not include footings. We do not install a ridge cap, rehang trim on the inside or replace vinyl on the ends of the home due to the inspection process with the Building Inspections office. 


Sometimes, there are additional expenses in moving a home. This can happen if, upon site inspection, we find that your site is particularly difficult to access. Distance to the site from our sales lot will also affect the cost of moving and setting up your home. When a site is difficult to access we use equipment to place the home onto the site, if this equipment is needed it will affect the cost as well. The equipment that is used is a "Jade" , "House Cat", & "Platypus".  



Other Services offered by R & D Modular:


Grading, Septic Instalations, & Footings.


R & D Modular Ph #: 828-665-2929


You can call our office for more information on these services.

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