Pre-Owned Doublewides

 Prices listed below no longer include any delivery or setup cost. The asking price is just for the home only, delivery and setup cost will be an additional expense. 

#3 - 2016 Clayton                                                                        $59,900

VMF ID # 511862642

                                              Sale Pending 

4Bed/2Bath     28x76                                                  Financing Avaliable Thru VMF 

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#9 - 2000 Peach State                                                                $47,400

ID # 101853


4Bed/2Bath      28x72                                            Financing Avaliable Thru 21st

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Note: New appliances will be installed when home is financed with 21st. 

#12 - 2000 Clayton                                                                    $24,900


3Bed/2Bath    24x40                                                                  BOT Inventory

#14 - 2001 Fleetwood                                                                    $48,400

ID # 108686


3Bed/2Bath     28x66                                     Financing Avaliable Thru 21st Mortgage

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Appliances and a furnace will be installed when home is financed with 21st.

#18 - 1997 Oakwood                                                                       $19,900


3Bed/2Bath     28x52                                                                        BOT Inventory

This home is a fixer upper

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