TRU MH Doublewides

Finely crafted in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains, TruMH is simply about getting back to the basics and offering affordable housing solutions. By focusing on factory-select standard specifications with low margins and low overhead, TruMH is able to keep prices low. 

All of TruMH homes meet federal codes, which assures strenght and durability, fire resistance, energy efficiency, and quality. 

The floor plans below have a "Standard" price and an "Upgraded" price. TruMH has limited options avaliable to customize the interior of your home. The interior decor is standard in all models but you choose your exterior colors. Below is a list of features/options that come with the "Standard" / "Ugraded" price. Prices do not include sales tax, or delivery and setup cost at this time. 


  Standard Options                                     Upgraded Options 

    -  Detachable Hitch                                        - Detachable Hitch

    -  Blank Standard Door/No Storm                    - House Type Door w/Storm Door

    -  Metal Single Pane w/Storm Windows            - Thermal Pane dual glaze Vinyl Windows

    -  7ft Sidewalls Vault/Flat Ceilings                    - 7ft Sidewalls Vault/Flat Ceilings 

    -  20 Year Shingles                                        - 20 Year Shingles 

    -  2 Piece Tub/Showers ABS Plastic                 -  2 Piece Tub/Showers ABS Plastic 

    -  Thermal Zone 2 Insulation Pkg                    -  Thermal Zone 3 Insulation Pkg 

         floor R-11/wall R-11/roof R-14                         floor R-22/wall R-11/roof R-28

                                                                       -  Wire & Brace for Ceiling Fan

                                                                       -  Dishwasher

                                                                       -  16' Dormer ( Doublewides Only)   



The Pacman                             3Bed /2 Bath

1159 sq ft.                                                                                 28x44


Standard Price: $38,900

Upgraded Price: $39,900

The Money                              3 Bed/2 Bath

1344 Sq. Ft.                                                                             28x48


Standard Price: $40,900

Upgraded Price: $41,900

The Ali                                    3 Bed/2 Bath

1568 sq ft.                                                                              28x56


Standard Price: $42,900

Upgraded Price: $44,900

The Holyfield                               3Bed/2Bath

        1680 sq ft.                                                                             28x60


Standard Price: $43,900

Upgraded Price: $45,900

The Tyson                                     4Bed/2Bath

      1904 sq ft.                                                                                28x68


Standard Price: $46,900

Upgraded Price: $47,900 

The Steal II                                  4Bed/2Bath

       2128 sq ft.                                                                                28x72


Standard Price: $ 47,900

Upgraded Price: $49,900

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